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+7 HAIR - Added by Brittany on January 3, 2012 | 1 Comments | Write A Comment

Happy 2012! I want to share a few things as well as update as promised.
I'll start off with saying I appreciate and consider every feedback received, through email or comments, and they are not ignored. However, there are reasons for the way things are for the time being. Number one being incomplete guides: This is because I want to post the exact up before I had a chance to find something similar. Things go out of stock quickly and I do not want to miss an opportunity for someone to find an exact that they were looking for. Second, Red Carpet Guides, there are people who request this, and who can afford it, so in order to fulfill everyone's needs, we must keep the variety. Third, Dream out loud, not every visitor is tech-savvy. They may not want to go through all of the K-Mart pages looking for a full outfit. We just do it for them, easy and simple. Fourth, WoWP Guides, because most of her clothes are from Free People brand, they are usually out of stock; meaning there is less availability and less guides to be offered. The season is over, which strengthens this point. Lastly, Yes, I have hired staff, however, because it is a non-paying job, for four years of running this site there has only been about 10% that actually contribute to their position. Right now out of 5 staff members, only one sends me guides.

Again, thank you for your contribution to this site. We are only where we are now because of you. ♥

Hair: +7

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